Life sometimes gets in the way of love. The stresses of work, family, and everyday things easily slips into people’s daily life. It feels a lot easier to remain quiet and hope that things get back to normal quickly. But when days turn into weeks, the fear becomes that this is the new norm or worse things are ahead. It would much easier to be straight-forward and ask what is going on before jumping to conclusion.

I have been too angry all the time. Too stressed. And it is affecting the people around me. I doubt myself, to which I feel I am just an empty vessel making a loud, unpleasant sound.


I am not going to miss my chance. Not this time, not anymore. She is the best that ever happened to me. And I am going to make it work. Because nothing last forever, but she makes me live in that moment of what we called, ‘forever’. I am not letting this one go.

Dearest love, I hope this message finds you well.