Dearest love,
I hope this message finds you well.

Talk about the issues of the heart. How much can we endure a certain pain, to be hurt by the ones we love too deep. we are warned of the things that can happen as we went to the phase of pre-weddings. Now it seems that we argued more then we love. Call me ego, but I never see that wrong in myself. But how do I point out her mistakes without offending her. Who am I dealing: Someone being the eldest, who lived her life command and control. I had to stop her from looking at me like I am just one of her siblings. No. Because I will be the man who lead, not her. We still have 6 months left, but I already feel the disrespect from her. I cannot blame the way she was brought up, I had to take pity instead. Sometimes, I wonder what the Prophet s.a.w would do if Aisyah r.a did this to him. And all I found out, was that he left. He didn’t sleep at home. Let her miss his presence. The ending story was she eventually used the time to reflect, and seek forgiveness. I know my story wouldn’t end this way, not when she’s hard-headed and never see the wrong in herself.