“Till Jannah”, they say

Dearest love,

I hope this message finds you well.

How to we define a certain complex situation where we have a strong desire not to lose an argument. I googled my way to find the right word, however even google couldn’t proffer what I need. As we pursue to solidify our point of view, we are somehow finding ways to hit our opponent somewhere where it will hurt. Badly. That said, we never thought about the consequences should the situation persist. So another question came in to play; how do we define maturity. Is it the diverse in age, gender, culture or just plain experience ossify our definition of maturity. I beg to differ. Because maturity comes from action. How much are we willing to sacrifice in order to put an end to a situation, avoiding a prolong argument. With all these questions that come about, I seek answers.

Not tonight. As you twist and turn my words against yours, I resume my role as the losing side.


Always have, always will