As I search for the light at the end of the tunnel

Dearest love,
I hope this message find you well.

As these endless thoughts drip from my soul, every single word secretly paints a fairytale long lost at sea. Eyes as I lay crying, forfeit at the sight of you being in pain. Cold scalpel’s steel whispers tear at my very core, as I cling to my memories of you (I miss you so). The light at the end of the tunnel, that shone through my painful darkness, is a blinding vision of your eternal smile (I need you so bad). You captivate me by your resonating light and now I’m bound to you by life. Darling, will you please take a walk with me. We can count the stars that disappear. Last night I had a dream. Saw your eyes in a memory painted in the sky. You smiled and said to me, “a love like this can never truly die”. Then calm consumes me. Baby come home soon.