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Month: April, 2015

Travel blog #1: Krabi, Thailand

1 SGD = 24 Baht


We took TigerAir for two-way which cost us a total of $145 per pax. We took the flight at 1015hrs, and reached Krabi Intl Airport at 1140hrs (local time). Note: Krabi is 1 hour later then Singapore time. It was a smooth sail, the weather was good and no interruptions in-between flight, hence we arrived afew minutes earlier then scheduled. Once arrived, we took a bus from a local counter to send us to Ao Nang, where our hotel will be. It cost us 150 baht ($6.50SGD). Its a shared bus, but we wouldn’t mind as the journey took about 30 mins only.



So we arrive at our hotel, checked-in at Haleeva Sunrise. Its near to a mosque in Ao Nang, and we can hear the Azan during prayer time. Beautiful view, beautiful scenery. We wash-up, chill for abit before heading out for lunch. We walked afew metres before finding a restaurant that suits our appetite. Its called Salaweeyah Restaurant. PS: Halal  food in Krabi is everywhere. And its not some “indian” restaurant whom will say their place is halal yet they do sell alcoholic drinks. Like literally, you can easily spot the locals wearing the tudung and cooking. All praise to Allah.



Lunch cost us 220 Baht each (which we find it alittle bit expensive) and next we proceed to Krabi town. Tuk Tuk was not easy to find during the day, and when we found one, they charged us at 500 Baht (!!!) Did abit of nego, so final price was 400 Baht. (Note: You can easily get a tuk tuk for 50 Baht to krabi town). Reached Krabi town, walk alittle abit and found the shop that we were looking for; Sunny. They sell ‘kain’ since Abg Long wants to buy some for his tailor made baju kurung. 1 length cost 150 Baht, dirt cheap. I did abit of shopping, grab a shorts and tshirt. We couldn’t find a tailor who can do bajukurung so we decide to proceed back to Ao Nang (this time, its 50Baht each, but a shared Tuk Tuk). Made friends with a group of Malaysians, boyfriend girlfriend hahaha.





Reached Ao Nang, back to hotel to wash up and then we had dinner. I bring Abg Long to a place I once ate, its right opposite The Palace AoNang Hotel. Owned by Muslims from patani who married a local there. Good food, good company. Made friends with them and they made us a special sambal to go along with our dinner. Service Kaw Kaw. After dinner, we went to find a tour of 7 islands for snorkeling.Manage to find the cheapest one, owned by a malaysian guy from kelantan. Charged us 950 Baht per pax. Unlike others who started the price at 1000 Baht. Shop abit and then we proceed to find a Bar called ‘Coconut Bar’ that has a live band. Yes, its not halal but we still go there, but ordered none alcoholic drink. Made friend with  local, by the name of ‘Or’ and from Finland, Jenna Pesonen. Nice people. Chill for abit and left for hotel at 0130hrs.


Day 2 started. We bought afew breads from 7-11 for breakfast before they pick us up for the island hopping tour. We made friends with a malaysian couple who was there for their honeymoon. We also made friends from Singapore, two girls who are nurses at NUH and KTPH respectively. All-in-all, it was fun. Lunch wasnt so bad but we manage to explore abit of Phi Phi Island. Nothing much, items too expensive and you can actually get the items at a cheaper price back in Ao Nang.




Headed back to the hotel after the tour ended at about 1600hrs. We rest and as agreed, we decided to meet the friends we made earlier during the tour, to have dinner with them. We had rice, omelette, kangkung, tomyam soup, chicken with cashewnut, and steam fish. Best food ever! We parted ways after that. Did abit of shopping again before proceeding back to Coconut Bar. I only ordered mineral water as I was suffering from heart burn at that time. Left the place at 0030hrs and proceed back to the hotel



Day 3 was mainly leaving Krabi and fly back to Singapore. Got a taxi to pick us up at the hotel for 150Baht. Flight was at 1120hrs, we reached back Singapore at 1440hrs.All in all, it was a chill trip.


The One on Envy

Brilliant read.

Alia Abdullah



I don’t know about you but I can be very silly. Sometimes, I find myself comparing my life with others’. I ask questions like “Why does he have more talents than me? Why did she get that promotion and I didn’t? Why do they get to travel the world while I am stuck here? Why is she always so happy and I’m not?”

Do you do that too?

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Reality without you


I should have seen it from the start. It was a fake love disguised as what I wanted in my heart. It was convincing enough, it was so easy to trust. You would rip my heart to pieces and then throw it into the trunk of your car. Drive to the edge of the city, erasing any trace we were together before you felt guilty. I’ve let you go, and now I’m stuck in a reality without you. I was a boy of anguish, now I’m a man of soul. This is my last goodbye. And this isn’t just goodbye. This is I can’t stand you.

Photoshoot for Strive Wear SG

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