Decision Making

by withenamora

So as we take a break from photography101,  lets use this time to write another entry for this blog. Lets talk abt decision making. Afew days back, i read an article on Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. He just had his first Q&A session with a group of people, and alot of questions were asked. One particular question that got my attention was, i quote “Why do you always wear a grey tshirt and blue jeans, be it for dinner, interview or wherever”. So his answer to that amazed me.

Being a founder of a giant networking site is no easy work. Behind closed doors, alot of ideas and decision making was being done day in day out. In life, we make decisions every day of every hour of every minute. Like what time should we leave the house, should i lock my door, what shall i have for breakfast, so on and so forth. So to be in his position, alot of decision making was made. And to top that off, most decisions are crutial and no one can deny that. So why the grey tshirt and blue jeans? Its to minimize the options for him. He doesnt have to decide what to wear for today, which shirt to buy at a mall, and how people would think of his attire when he walks around the street.

I did my research, and truth be told alot of other powerful and influential people are doing what he did too. Take for example the late Steve Jobs from Apple. Or Bill Gates from Microsoft. Don’t believe me then try googling them. You see, life is short to make all these unnecessary decisions. Live simply. Don’t get worked up over a simplest things. Like they say, YOLO! (You only live once)