by withenamora

3 questions that made me wonder tonight.

1. Insecure
Where do I begin. Okay, so everyone has their moments. It usually happens when they are bored, when their heart is longing for something, or when they know they are cheating. Most of the time its harmless, yet it could be deadly depending on the respond of the other party. Me? Yes at times I do. And usually I’ll just laughed out loud when it happens because this is the job of Syaitan.

2. Responsibilities
Each individual have their own believes. There is no right or wrong answer to that. To me, its simple. I travel often, I shop when I feel like it, and I eat well too (hell yeah). That aside, I still keep my savings going i.e Life Savings, Future Planning, and Entertain’s Sake (yup, i do have 3 different accounts). THAT is called being responsible.

3. Be a good Muslim
Straight forward. Pray 5 times a day, pay zakat, etc etc. Plus points: be the Imam of your family. Watch what you eat. Know Halal and Haram. And most importantly, when you go to syarahan, LISTEN. DO IT. SHARE IT.