Looking for Companionship

by withenamora

Exactly how I feel. I get emotionally attached to people very easily. And my worst fear is rejection.

Alia Abdullah


I’ll be honest with you. I get emotionally attached to people very easily. As a result, not too long ago, whenever anyone started drifting away from me, I would enter into a state of panic. I just wouldn’t allow it to happen. I would try ways and means to get her to come back. I would call. I would try to make her meet up with me. I would even try to give in to demands. I did this, even when the person was obviously not good for me.

Have you experienced this too?

There were many reasons why I acted the way I did. The most difficult to admit is that I had a fear of not being accepted by others. A part of me yearned to be validated by those around me. The thought of having people who did like me seemed like some sort of failure to me. I calculated my worth based on what others thought…

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