By enamora

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Month: May, 2014

The tales of Adam and Hawa


Since young I have heard tales of Adam and Hawa. It has always been an obligation for us Muslims to believe in that story. I have lived my life 25 years to date, holding to that belief. So what if one day, someone came to you and said that the stories were untrue? And use the Holy Quran as a witness? And to tell you the truth, his theories does make sense. Would you then believe in science, or continue standing your ground without having any solid evidence to stand to your views?


Stop your childish stories. Grow up.


Winds blow to roaring sound of thunder on the background. A hustling of leaves as wind blew south on and on. At times I thought to myself, winter is coming. Then I look at my Armani and no, no one is coming. The sea isn’t calm tonight. I put myself on high alert; I always do when I know I’m about to fall. Dear heart hums a name silently and it goes on throughout the night. I know I am missing you. And again I had to look away, maybe look further when I always have. Because you need a storm for rainbows to appear.