An end to hashtag H and A

Another reality checked: you are not the ‘safe place’ I was hoping for. I couldnt turn to you after a bad day to rant.I was ready to commit again, but you hold back. You keep saying you love me, giving me hope everyday. Then you get angry when morning messages wont come. Things have changed, yes. Because I need a commitment to feel secure. I cant invest my future on someone who still hangs by a thread. You expect me to treat you well, but who are you to me? You are not my girlfriend. We did have plans, but to what end will it be if we arent even moving forward, still afraid of the next step. Waiting for you is like walking in a forest with no compass. Not knowing which direction to go, and where we are going to end up at.

Everyone has a heart to care and protect. So again I touch my heart tonight, and asked myself; dear heart, please stop loving someone who I couldnt be get.