I try my best not to miss you by going out with my friends alot. I do things that I never got the chance to do when I was with you. Holiday plans are stacking up, more money saved, I get to dress the way I like and shortly after this, i’m going for a haircut and get a different style (currently backcomb is actually a clubber’s hairstyle).

Yes I do miss her terribly, but everytime that happens I will think about all the awful things she did to me. I know, Im double standard but I have to move on, don’t I? She cheated on me on afew occasions, she left the starhub line and left me with bills I could barely pay etc. Now it adds up to my monthly allowance, and I still owe starhub $121.

But whatever the bad things that had happened, i still thank Allah s.w.t for guiding me in this hard times. (Last night was my first time going to Malam Nifsu Syaaban.) Like they say, the sky has to rain for rainbows to form. For all I know, LIFE was about to start for me :))


No more feeling sad. Man up and walk on, Hazman