Beneath the moon

by withenamora

I need to learn to stop talking, and start listening. It does occur to me that I wanted things my own way. Yet I don’t blame myself, no matter how they judge. Because I find that it is time to guard my heart. I lay trust to those I love, yet the love was one that destroyed me. Alot of work need to be done to mend the broken hearts. Night outs every night and I aak myself; This is the time where life will start flashing before your eyes, but soon you will realise that this is goodbye, but what if I gave you the chance? Am I to show myself again?


Tonight I will stand beneath the mystic moon
Hoping day will end as soon.
Tears might flow like springs of river,
and my body would tremble and shiver
Sounds of wail, bursting into the midnight
and I shall stand  just as tight
Hold my ground, touch my heart
And whisper to myself, Everything will be alright