My Annabel

by withenamora

So this is how the dagger feel when you’re on the receiving end
If this is what you call betrayal,
then this is what I call revenge
Imagine where you’d be now if you only knew
The one you love is the one who’s killing you

I trusted you too much
I know now that I should have kept my eyes wide open.
The first time that we kissed
I’ll bury you for this

Years spent watching in silence as your illness spilled onto page
Those were the last days I spend with you
Before you left, before he came
Just say to me that this time is the last time
And I’ll pretend I’m fine

It is my fault? You fell into that illusion you’ve been living discretely
Should I blame you in the end?
Did you ever think the sketches would take over completely?

And in the sepulchre there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea.