By enamora

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Month: January, 2013

What was wrong?
Everything felt wrong today. Because for the past two years, I have live in regret. I made all the wrong decisions back when I was in school. People look up to the wrong person, thinking I was wise enough to lead. Now two years from then, look where I am now. And no one said it was going to be easy.

Go ahead and bury me deep down inside. Go change that longing in your heart, dear one. Hold that thought, just for a moment and let my heart grew numb. Atleast now I know that this is what you meant, when you said I will be your everything.

Happy birthday, Mom


Its just that we spend less time together, and even when both of us were free, we don’t talk much. Everything started after you have friends. Your so-called adopted parents. Made me realise I have no one to turn to anymore. You talked about them all the time, i was beginning to wonder if i was ever being though of or spoke about anymore.

Then I realise, i do need friends. I couldn’t rely on you anymore. We grew up, we moved on. You found new love, new confidenti. I understand.